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Quick Search Help

Overview. The Quick Search is used to locate InStock Fastener items that share a particular product feature (dimension). Enter one or more features in the horizontal Quick Search field, then click the blue Search button to the right of the field. A page or multiple pages of InStock Fastener items which share the features you entered will appear as a search result.

The more product features you enter in the Quick Search field, the more specific (and probably shorter) your search results will be. The opposite is true as well. For example, at this writing, a search for "Machine Screw" brings up 1678 items, but a search for "Machine Screw ¼-20" brings up 324 items. Please put a space between each product feature.

To help you conduct the Quick Search, please feel free to use the Detailed Search dropdown menus on the website search page to see which feature and dimension formats are recognized by the InStock Fasteners system. If you enter a term other than those recognized by the system, it will not contribute to the search result you require.

When to Best Use Quick Search. Quick Search is best utilized when you need to shop a number of different product types with a similar feature or features, such as all screws, bolts & nuts with a ¼-20 size. When you know most or all of the features that an item has, you may want to search using the Detailed Search dropdown menus instead.

Quick Search Formats recognized by the InStock Fasteners system. Examples of feature and dimension formats used in our system:

Feature or Dimension: Format Example
Product: Bolts
Type: Carriage Bolts
Size: ¼-20
(Size is described by a hyphenated diameter-thread count per inch. Available lengths can be seen on the list of search results).
Head: Pan
Drive: Philips
Point: Type AB
Material: Steel, or Grade 5
Finish: Zinc



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